Mikrodermabrasion – The perfection of peeling for the perfection of your skin.

How it works at a glance:
What is microdermabrasion (MDA) with crystals?

MDA with crystals is an apparatus-based method for controlled skin ablation.  Originally developed for the medical sector, today it is the perfection of peeling for aesthetic and cosmetic skin beautification.  Excess, dead skin cells are removed lane by lane with a jet of the finest crystals from a nozzle, precisely and with the greatest comfort.  The regeneration kick invigorates the skin renewal.  The vacuum created at the same time ensures a deep effect, because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  You will be amazed by the result after the first treatment.  Regeneration from the inside out.

What does science say?

Clinical studies around the world have shown:
  • The skin becomes finer-pored and significantly more elastic
  • The skin becomes more firm
  • The depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced
  • The skin’s absorption of active ingredients is optimized
  • The supply of nutrients and oxygen is improved

What does the skin say?

REVIDERM microdermabrasion is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types thanks to the fine adjustment of the crystal jet and vacuum.  Regular use stabilizes and strengthens the natural functions of the skin.

Perfect for

  • wrinkles and lines
  • impurities
  • enlarged pores
  • slack skin
  • pigment spots
  • coarse, thickened skin
  • refinement of scars
  • for optimal pre- and post-treatment of aesthetic interventions

The working principle: Smooth. Tight. Curative.

The easiest way to compare MDA is to exercise. Just as regular training builds muscles and shapes the body sustainably, MDA trains skin renewal and makes the first signs of age disappear.

What happens with a single treatment?

The top layer of skin is briefly and specifically thinned through the controlled removal of dead horny substance. This sets the impulse to produce fresh, new cells that move up quickly. This changes the appearance of the skin and gives it a rosy youthfulness: instead of too many dead cells, there are new metabolically active cells. You see it. You feel it. Right away.

What are the advantages of a cure?

If the “skin training” is carried out curatively, the positive direct effect can be transformed into a lasting result. The quality of the skin improves, it becomes stronger, smoother, firmer and its functionality is optimized. Just 6 treatments in short intervals are enough to get from the Benefit from the power of change of microdermabrasion – long-term, safe, visible.

Immediate effects

  • Smoothing the skin
  • Refining the pores
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Clearer, purer complexion

Long-term effects

  • Lasting rejuvenation of the appearance
  • Increase in skin firmness
  • Tightening of the contour
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Refinement of scars
  • Lightening of pigment spots

microdermabrasion basic

Basisbehandlung mit dem SkinPeeler für alle Hauttypen zur individuellen Optimierung der gesunden Haut und als therapiebegleitendes Konzept der pathologischen Haut.

global anti-aging treatment

optimal für regenerationsbedürftige Haut mit moderaten bis deutlich ausgeprägten Zeichen der Hautalterung.

age prevention treatment

optimal für leicht regenerationsbedürftige Haut mit ersten Zeichen der Hautalterung.

age prevention treatment

optimal für leicht regenerationsbedürftige Haut mit ersten Zeichen der Hautalterung.

purity oleosa treatment

optimal für fett- und feuchtigkeitsreiche Haut bis hin zur therapiebegleitenden Pflege bei Akne.

anti OX treatment

optimal für eine Haut, die besonders durch innere und äußere Einflüssen belastet und oxidativem Stress ausgesetzt ist.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail and without obligation which treatment or cure is best for your personal care needs.  You can find out more during an individual consultation with the Oswaldbeautywelness team.