Micro-Needling Reviderm

Tighter. More vital. Radiant. The unique effect of micro-needling on your skin.

How to fix beautiful skin.

The most important factor in young, firm skin is firm connective tissue.  The skin’s own proteins collagen and elastin and the body’s own moisture-binding substance hyaluronic acid are essentially responsible for the firmness.

What makes skin lose its beauty.

With increasing age and due to external influences such as smoking, sun and improper nutrition, the performance of the skin decreases. Fewer young cells are formed, blood circulation deteriorates, skin processes slow down and the natural regeneration of the skin begins later and later.

With which you give the skin a face again.

Awaken the strength of fresh cells with micro-needling – currently one of the most efficient methods among anti-aging treatments.  It has the scientifically proven ability to produce new collagen and elastin and to increase the hyaluronic acid content in the skin.  Visible to you like never before.


The special thing about micro-needling is that skin tissue is not destroyed, but only minimally injured in a targeted manner.  This leads to a particularly short regeneration phase and, in addition, the known risks such as hyperpigmentation or scarring can normally be excluded.

How does micro-needling work?

Mature skin – course of treatment / mode of action
Micro-needling uses the skin’s self-healing powers.  Micro-fine needles perforate the skin with pinpoint accuracy and target micro-injuries in the epidermis, which signal this “wound healing”.  The “tired” tissue then becomes active immediately and sets processes in motion that lead to collagen and elastin generation and hyaluronic acid activation.

Before the treatment

From the age of 30, the skin only regenerates every 40 days.  Wrinkles dig deeper, the connective tissue sags.

During the treatment

Punctiform micro-injuries stimulate self-healing processes to remodel the skin tissue.  The depth of treatment is individually adjustable. (Face up to 0.5 mm / body up to 1.0 mm)

After the treatment

New formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, improvement of the blood circulation, skin tissue is firmed and firmer.

More precise. Gentler. Thoughtful. Bet on the right method.

Micro-needling has been an insider tip among anti-aging methods for treating aesthetic skin problems for a good decade.  There are a large number of micro-needling devices that are effective – but also have disadvantages.  Only REVIDERM developed a proven method from this trend.


Disadvantage: The oblique piercing and thus possible catching of the needles in the skin leads to unwanted tear injuries.


Disadvantage: The circular arrangement of the stamps causes the so-called “fakir effect” – the impression of the skin and thus less penetration.

REVIDERM SkinNeedler

The subtle difference: 9 needles in a row ensure gentle treatment with the highest puncture precision and maximum effectiveness.

Recomandet Treatments cycle

A single application already shows an immediate effect, but these results can only be intensified and maintained over the long term with a curative treatment.  In order to form and repair skin layers sustainably, you need to invest in a cure. Sustainable results take time to grow.

Immediate effect

Significant improvements after just one treatment. * 

  • Skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother
  • Relief appears firmer and more radiant
  • Complexion is equalized 
  • Better skin feeling 
  • Wrinkles are reduced 

* In-vivo study with test persons, 2015 / n = 20

Long-term effect

Visible results after 6 treatments**

  • Build-up and densification of the upper skin layer (epidermis)
  • Improvement of the water storage capacity
  • Elimination of structural damage
  • Remodeling of collagen fibers

**According to scientific literature data on micro-needling. Optimal results after approx. 8 months. Liebl  , H., Kloth LC., J Am Coll Clin Wound Spec, Dec 2012, 25; 4 (1): 2-6 / Zeitter, S. et al., Burns, Aug 2014; 40 (5): 966-73  / Hee Jung Lee et al., Ann Dermatol, Oct 2014; 26 (5): 584-591

contour-lift forme More concentrated. Micro-Need Targeted. More effective. Rely on the right active ingredients.

Trust gets even better with control.  That is why we consciously refrain from using ingredients in all SkinNeedler treatments that do not belong in your skin ”.  So that this doesn’t just sound like a promise, we have had the formulas for use in micro-needling safety-rated. This makes treatment with the highly active formulas unique.  A concentrated, valuable main active ingredient is used in each formula, which is particularly well absorbed by the skin and where it can develop its effect in a targeted manner.

* Expert safety assessment according to European safety law for combination use, 2015
** All formulas are hydrophilic, fat-free, free of preservatives, PEGS, PPGS, coloring agents and silicones.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail and without obligation which treatment or cure is best for your personal care needs.  You can find out more during an individual consultation with Annalisa Molinaro and Jessica Bühler.

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