Manicure / Cosmetic Foot Care


Our hands are exposed to internal and external factors every day; it is therefore important that we care for them appropriately. With a paraffin package and a peeling, your hands will be smoooth and as soft as silk. Give yourself this treatment – because your hands are the visiting-card of your appearance.

The manicure includes:

  • Filing
  • Hand bath
  • Removing cuticles
  • Massage
  • Varnishing
  • Additional manicure package incl. peeling, paraffin and ampoule

Foot care

They carry us every day, we put a great deal of pressure on them, and yet, we do not care for them as we should: our feet. Even if they are mostly hidden in shoes, our feet still need the same care and attention as our face, hands or hair. A relaxing foot bath and thorough foot care will get you and your feet into shape. Discover a new type of beauty treatment: foot care. Cosmetic foot care package incl. peeling, paraffin and ampoule.