Deep effect, high comfort, quick results Skin improvement

should happen quickly – everyone knows this wish. Whether we treat wrinkles, skin blemishes, redness or reduced elasticity, it should be uncomplicated and convincing. Little effort, great results are desired. Cosmetic ultrasound fulfills this wish and has therefore been one of the most successful methods in aesthetic skin treatment for decades. 

The effects of ultrasound treatments have been scientifically proven. REVIDERM even offers student-approved technology for home use. No other procedure combines effect and wellbeing so excellently.

How it works at a glance: What is ultrasound (US)?

Ultrasonic waves are impulses that strengthen the skin’s natural build-up strength and inhibit degradation and inflammation processes.  It is a deeply effective method that intensively promotes and stimulates skin regeneration without causing injury.  But: Ultrasound is not just ultrasound.  Intensity and frequency have a major influence on the effect.

What does ultrasound do in the skin?

When a drop hits a calm surface of water, it creates a gentle wave motion. The same thing happens as soon as ultrasound hits the skin. It sets the tissue and cells vibrating. These vibrations have an amazing effect because they stimulate important processes in the skin.

Ultrasound is perfect for:

  • wrinkles and wrinkles
  • sagging contours
  • visible veins and redness
  • impurities and pimple marks
  • irritated and sensitive skin
  • cellulite

How it works:

Strengthens the connective tissue. The skin feels firmer.

Renewal and rebuilding of the skin, which appears smoother.

Calming by making blemishes and pimple marks subside faster.

Reddening, so that irritated skin comes back into balance.

Decongestion, which means that swellings subside more quickly.

Stimulation of the skin through a massage effect.

Active ingredients are better absorbed. Consolidation of the vessels. Veins are less visible.

Treatment in a cosmetic institute or at home

Treatment in a cosmetic institute
The REVIDERM ultrasound treatment can be added to almost any skin treatment or booked on its own. The study-proven technology of 1, 3 or 10 MHz brings sound with high intensity into the skin. Since the sound waves penetrate deeper into the skin at 1 and 3 MHz, they are only performed by skin experts. The result is immediately visible and the ultrasound has an effect far beyond the treatment. A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended for maximum results.

Ultrasound for at home: the cellJET cure
The REVIDERM cellJET enables you to have a comfortable ultrasound cure in your own four walls. Here, high-frequency sound (10 Mhz) is used. The combination of precise penetration depth and low intensity of the sound enables safe self-application, e.g. also in the eye area. A cure unfolds its full potential through the daily impulses. Every treatment has an immediate effect, the 14-day treatment a lasting professional result. Please note: The cellJET from REVIDERM delivers results that go far beyond the optical skin effects of over-the-counter home ultrasound devices. This medical technology has been specially developed for cosmetics. Perfectly coordinated programming of the cellJET and the selection of products specially designed for ultrasound use ensure efficient skin improvement – conveniently applicable in every bathroom.

Beautiful skin in 12 minutes - day after day with the cellJET

You can rent the REVIDERM cellJET for your personal skin treatment from us in the Oswald Beauty & Wellness cosmetic salon. The uncomplicated treatment only takes 10 to 12 minutes and beautifies the complexion from day one.

And this is how it works:

Step 1

After a professional skin analysis, the sound program and the care ingredients are selected specifically for your skin condition. Then enjoy the first cellJET treatment, during which you will become familiar with the simple handling of the device. Finally, you will receive your individually programmed cellJET and the active ingredient formulas for the cure at home.

Step 2

You can flexibly integrate the daily cellJET application into your REVIDERM care routine. Coordinated home care and ultrasound treatment result in a perfect synergy. Look forward to the most powerful relaxation moment of the day.

Step 3

After the treatment is over, bring the cellJET back to your REVIDERM cosmetic institute. There will be a follow-up discussion and the cellJET Post Treatment. The deeply moisturizing short treatment leaves you with a radiant complexion – and the anticipation of the next treatment.

The highly effective formulas

The less-is-more formulas of the REVIDERM formulas each concentrate on a high-dose single active ingredient, embedded in a serum base made from skin-identical hyaluron.  This allows it to be optimally introduced into the skin.  They are free of color, perfume and chemical preservatives and have been specially safety-certified for use in combination with ultrasound and for micro-needling.

Our treatments with cellJET / ultrasound

ultrasound basic

basic treatment with ultrasound for all skin types for the individual optimization of healthy skin and as a therapy-accompanying concept of pathological skin.

global antiaging treatment

ideal for skin in need of regeneration with moderate to clearly pronounced signs of aging. With microdremabrasion.

hydration treatment

ideal for dehydrated skin for intensive moisture penetration.

neuro sensitive treatment

ideal for sensitive skin through to therapy-accompanying care for neurodermatitis.

We have other effective treatments. 

We would be happy to advise you in more detail and without obligation which treatment or cure is best for your personal care needs.  You can find out more in an individual consultation with Ms. Annalisa Molinaro and Jessica Bühler.  

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