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Annalisa Molinaro

Annalisa Molinaro

My name is Annalisa Molinaro. Together with Patrizia Rifino, I am the owner of the Oswald Beauty & Wellness institute.
Having 14 years ago successfully completed my education as a beautician in Zurich, I directly went on to Zug, where I found an interesting job as an employee in this institute.
In 2001, I was offered the opportunity to take over the Oswald Beauty &Wellness institute, together with Patrizia Rifino. In this time, I carried out various further trainings, e.g. for classic body massages, acne treatments and specific anti-aging treatments, definitive hair removal etc.

Also in 2001, I started attending Bea Petri’s make-up school Cinémask and completed this course in 2005, with the certificate for “make-up of artist”.

I dedicate a lot of time to my profession. It is important to me that I am always up to date and able to give my clientele good specialist advice. At the same time, I set a high value on co-operation with cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, in order to be able to inform my clientele in case of need.

Since 2005, my employee Jessica Bühler has been enriching our beauty parlour. In 2003, she successfully completed her 3-year education as a beautician in Zurich and since then has regularly taken part in further trainings.

Now I hope you will enjoy clicking through our website and am looking forward to seeing you in our beauty parlour soon!

Patrizia Capone Rifino

Patrizia Riffino

My name is Patrizia Rifino. I successfully completed my 3-year education as a beautician at the “Soins et Beauté” institute in Zurich.

Having been working at the Oswald Beauty & Wellness institute for 14 years now, initially as an employee, Annalisa Molinaro and I were after 6 years offered the opportunity to take over the parlour.

As I love my job, I continuously widen my knowledge by attending new courses on e.g. lymph drainage or various body and facial treatments. My job still gives me a lot of joy.